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Who We Are

For many people, staying healthy means paying close attention to what goes in their bodies. At Kéralogie, we strive to prove that it is equally necessary to be aware of what goes on our bodies. For over a decade, Kéralogie has worked with a team of industry-leading chemists from the United States, Israel and France to create wholesome, salon quality products with the customers' well-being in mind. Using only all-natural, certified… more »

Kéralogie Hair Oil Complex /  Fortifying Treatment for All Hair Types, All Natural
Kéralogie Quinoa Oil  Serum /  All Natural, Sulfate & Paraben Free
Hair Revival System with 30 Benefits / Natural Therapy Formula (Patent Pending)
Ultra Mild 7-in-1 Cleansing & Conditioning System For All Ethnic Groups / Shampoo and Conditioner-In-One
All-In-One Hair Therapy / Paraben & Sulfate Free
12 Month Keratin Treatment / Restores, Shines & Straightens Hair (Patent Pending)
Pro-Styles Heating Brush / Achieving Beautiful Hair Every Day
Brilliance Application Comb / Intended for Hair Colors, Conditioners and Treatments
Dry Shampoo / Revitalizes Greasy, Dull and Lifeless Hair Between Washes
Happy Hair Fragrances / With Natural Essential Oils (Patent Pending)
Kéralogie Curl Enhancing Cream / Enhances Curls, Eliminates Frizz
Nourishing Volume Shampoo / Visible Lift  from  Root to Tip
Nourishing Volume Conditioner / Visible Lift  from  Root to Tip
Kéralogie Hair Loss Preventing Shampoo / Strengthens the Hair Structure
Placenta Impact / Hair Loss Prevention Treatment
Kéralogie Electric Scalp Massage Comb
Hair Color Touch-up Pencil / Enables Precise Application of Hair Fiber
Laser Hair Comb (Battery) / Improves Your Lifeless Hair
Kéralogie Anti-Dandruff Shampoo /  Effectively Nourishing Dry Scalp
Kéralogie Anti-Dandruff Essence /  Effectively Prevents Dandruff
Kéralogie Kids Shampoo / Removes Tangles Makes Hair  Soft & Shiny
Kéralogie Kids Conditioner / Makes Hair  Soft, Shiny &   Flexible
Kéralogie Kids Hair Detangler / Shines Hair & Repels Lice