Kéralogie Anti-Dandruff Essence /  Effectively Prevents Dandruff - 4.4 fl.oz / 125 ml

Anti-Dandruff Essence

Indulge in our exclusive anti-dandruff formula to gently moisturize and balance your scalp while removing dandruff-causing epiphytes. This unique nourishing conditioner leaves hair feeling revitalized, clean and soft to the touch. With powerful dermatologist-tested ingredients your scalp will finally be free of flakes, dryness and itchy irritation. Developed by a select team of scientists, Kéralogie's Essence gives you the silky, manageable hair you've always wanted. Pair with Kéralogie's Anti-dandruff Shampoo for the complete salon experience.

Directions:  Use KÉRALOGIE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (Step 1). Towel dry hair, spread a small amount of Essence evenly onto scalp, wait for 5 minutes, then rinse out with water.

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