Happy Hair Fragrances / With Natural Essential Oils (Patent Pending) - 11

Happy Hair Fragrances

Patent Pending

Set your Mood!

We offer you the opportunity to create an environment that influences the way you think and feel. Our Happy Hair Fragrances® for All Hair Types are Water Based, enriched with Natural Essential Oils, Alcohol and Silicone Free. They let you choose whether you want a calming atmosphere to relax from a stressful day, an energizing to help you get things done, or a romantic one.

Happy Hair Fragrances® add Shine, Nourishment and Softness to your hair.

They help to get rid of unpleasant hair odors with our Patented Bad Odor Neutralizing Technology®!

Our spray technology delivers a continuous, and exceptionally airy, light and dry spray. It enables to successfully control the size and dispersion of formula particles.

Compared to regular sprays, Keralogie Happy Hair Fragrances® experience is totally different: droplet average size:  33 % lighter, up to 40 % drier, 6 times longer-lasting and twice as deep. 

Enjoy your scent throughout the day with proprietary technology that reactivates for up to 12 HOURS for long lasting results.

1. Joy & Happiness – Benefits: Pleasure, Joy, Happiness, Uplifting, Happy, Yong.

2. Relaxing & Purifying – Benefits: Relaxation, Purification, Beauty, Zen.

3. Mood For Love - Benefits: Chic Enticing, Seduction, Colors.

Enjoy and get ready for Happy Hair!

Directions:  Spray desirable amount on damp or dry hair.

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