Kéralogie Electric Scalp Massage Comb - 11

Electric Scalp Massage Comb

Through the use of physical vibration, massage 5000-8000 vibrations per minute effective way to import hair follicle functionality and effectiveness.

Our Kéralogie six-week intensive scalp program saves 140 strains of hair daily. Simply love yourself a little more by taking a few minutes a day after your shower to brush your scalp with Kéralogie Electric Scalp Massage Brush. It feeds your hair roots with our unique product - Placenta Impact Anti-Hairloss Hair Cure Serum and leave in treatment - as you sit in front of your favorite TV program to do this.

Massage your scalp with this wonder scalp massaging brush. It is said to bless your scalp and address falling hair issue simultaneously in the following ways:

  • Release Placenta Impact Anti-Hairloss Hair Cure Serum leave in serum evenly on scalp as it massages.
  • Relieves tightness on scalp and soothes as it massages
  • Promotes blood circulation to boost hair growth as it massages into scalp the active ingredients of Anti-Hairloss Hair Cure Serum.

Note: For effectiveness, cleanse scalp well before using applying Placenta Impact. Ensure that scalp is cleansed properly with an effective shampoo for thinning hair such as Kéralogie Ultra Mild 7-in-1 Cleansing & Conditioning System For All Ethnic Groups

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