Placenta Impact / Hair Loss Prevention Treatment - 111

Placenta Impact

Includes: 12×0.41 Fl. Oz. / 12 ml Tubes

Placenta Impact is a new type of bi-phasic hair loss treatment. There is one phase to make your hair grow, regenerate your scalp’s skin and normalize sebum production. It has a dedicated, soft feeling and rapid penetration rate. Its composition guarantees better product penetration and fast delivery of active ingredients.

Placenta Impact treats hair loss efficiently as it builds a high standard capillary potential:

1. Activating Hair Growth
Stem cells are reactivated, as well as fibroblasts from the dermal papilla

2. Regenerating
Intelligent energetic pathway of the scalp cells is reactivated.

3. Regulating Sebum
Scalp sebum production is balanced.

You will see the results of indulging our hair all around!

Directions:  To open the tube, break the top and use it as cap. Squeeze tube and apply content directly to the scalp by gently massaging using circular motions. Do not rinse. For maximum results use it with Electric Scalp Massage Comb.

Women should use 1-2 tubes weekly for 2-3 month. Men should use 2-3 tubes weekly for 2-3 month, After first 2-3 month, apply 1 tube per week for 2 more month.

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